Commercial and business law

We want you to succeed and sustain a profitable business. We focus our advice to achieve this. Our areas of practice include:

  • Formation of your company
  • Company restructuring
  • Preparing your company constitution and shareholder’s agreements
  • Business purchases or sales
  • Distribution agreements, supply contracts, and agreements between other companies or individuals
  • Property and Asset Leasing
  • Dispute resolution and contractual enforcement
  • Employment agreements, termination, and assistance during the personal grievance processes
  • Share sales and acquisitions
  • Terminating business relationships
  • Debt recovery
  • Liquidation proceedings
  • Product logistics, importing and distribution
  • Franchising

Business restructuring

Businesses often undergo restructuring because of economic pressures, costs savings, capital requirements, product or services changes, or streamlining technology, etc. There are many commercial and legal challenges to consider and overcome during the restructuring process.

We provide advice and support each step of the way. We also work closely with your accountants and business advisers to pool our skills and resources to avoid common problems and to achieve your businesses’ objectives as efficiently as possible.

Property – sales, purchases, and subdivisions

Our approach to your property sale, purchase, or subdivision is to keep you informed. Our experience lets us anticipate and avoid problems. Our advice is kept clear and to the point. We like to make the process straightforward, stress-free, and as enjoyable for you as possible.

Trusts and asset protection

Family is important to all of us. We give practical advice so that your personal and business affairs are secured for you and your family’s future. Asset protection is not only important for families, but for those at the beginning of a relationship or contemplating marriage and those who want to effectively manage and minimise their business risks and exposure.

Your financial wealth and future is important and we want to help you think about it now. With our knowledge and experience we will help you structure your affairs to protect your assets and help make you and your family’s future easier and secure.

We can help you with our knowledge and expertise in the following areas:

  • Family trusts
  • Trust administration and variation
  • Gifting
  • Ownership of the family home and other assets
  • Wealth management
  • Asset protection
  • Relationship property agreements
  • Ending a relationship or marriage
  • Family Loans
  • Succession plans including your Will
  • Your Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Estate administration and Probate
  • Winding up a family trust